Land Development Companies in Calgary

Land Development Companies in Calgary

The city of Calgary forms part of the industrial hive of the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor. It is the fifth-largest urban area in the country. Within this industrial corridor, heavy industries in Calgary center around the transportation and logistics industries. This makes Calgary a hotbed of economic activity that focuses on the aerospace, wellness, retail, and manufacturing industries too.

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Namely, the Calgary Metropolitan Region is home to several headquarters of the biggest industries in the country. This makes the city of Calgary a prime site for land development as the economic activity fuels growth. 

What is land development?

Moreover, land development involves the conversion of land from its natural state that it may be used for other purposes such as those industrial needs, or the construction of residential zones. It is expected that a city with such robust economic growth as Calgary would be home to several contractors that specialize in land development projects in Calgary.

Construction Reviews Canada compiles the land development companies known for their sterling reputation so you would not have to look any further for your contractors. 

Centron Real Estate Development and Construction

Centron Real Estate Development and Construction have its headquarters at 8826 Blackfoot Trail SE. They specialize in the acquisition, development, construction, lease, and sale of real estate and construction projects all over Calgary.

Looking for development for the hospitality industry, heavy industrial usage, and even residential areas in Calgary? You would not go wrong with this company. Their expertise in land development has led them to become one of the more renowned names in land development in Canada. 

Streetside Developments

Streetside Developments, a Qualico Company located at 5558 1 St SE. They are renowned for their residential land development projects which have provided quality homes for millions of residents. Adjacent to their quality land development projects, those who find themselves in unfamiliar territory will find themselves walking through the process. And with regards to what they want with the excellent customer service of Streetside Developments. 

Remington Development Corporation

Remington Development Corporation at 200 Quarry Park Blvd specializes in commercial real estate. It has expanded to include residential, retail, and industrial projects in its portfolio which date back to 1994, making it an industry leader in land development projects in Calgary.

Aside from its expertise in land development, Remington Development links you with the construction experts, legal experts, accountants, and design experts for the land development project that you want to accomplish, 

Truman Homes

Truman Homes at #2236, 10 Aspen Stone Boulevard specializes in the development of residential areas and has partnered with condominium developers. Their consummate professionalism and excellent customer service place Truman Homes at the forefront of land developers for residential needs. In fact, they are also responsive to your queries and needs for your land development projects. 

WestCreek Developments Ltd.

WestCreek Developments Ltd. at 30 Glendeer Circle, is involving itself in community projects. They ensure that land development projects do not severely impact the environment around the land to develop. Finally, they focus not only on their civic responsibilities but on the development of residential areas throughout Calgary too. 


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